The world has changed. Resources are squeezed. It requires a rethink

Take the opportunity to break out of set ways and realign to new demands.

Employee Surveys that give you a real insight into how to win that extra engagement

Develop People Strategies that target the change you need.

For some projects, the best place to start is to find out what people are saying about their organisation. This helps you to target, and measure the results of, your investment in development. We help you to understand what makes your people tick, and what makes them cross. We combine our in-depth understanding of organisational culture with leading-edge data management and presentation, so that our reports become a key tool for your managers. We work with George Naylor Associates, expert in research tools, to build information about your people into our overall solution.

Research can range from face to face interviewing of individuals or small groups to global attitude surveys. We are equipped to handle any sample size, from just a few people to tens of thousands. Every piece of research is bespoke; we make sure we understand not only what you want to achieve, but also the culture and language of your organisation. This way we can design surveys which invite high levels of response as well as illuminate the key issues and opportunities. These reports do not gather dust on the shelf; they inform and guide managers about what actions to take, within their own teams, by function, and at the strategic level.