The world has changed. Resources are squeezed. It requires a rethink

Take the opportunity to break out of set ways and realign to new demands.

An integrated approach to performance management, communication, development and reward.

Drive the change you need.

Here we take the organisational perspective. Making lasting change happen in organisations requires an integrated approach. Whatever the reason – eg. your organisation is simply suffering growing pains, or you can see the need to make a strategic operational change, or to shift your culture – you need a cohesive plan. Your people need to hear the same message through all the channels and media, formal and informal, that permeate through your organisation.

How it works

The coachee sets the agenda, and drives the process. We talk about what they want to achieve, and tap into their motivation to push for results. We discuss what’s happening in their world, both at work and outside to clarify priorities.

Our tried and tested approach in performance management and internal communications keeps it simple and focused, so that you and your people have clarity about what’s required, and what they need to do to deliver it. Your managers are pivotal in this, and we develop their skills and confidence to get their people focused and productive.

It’s hard work helping your people understand what’s required of them – but essential. World class organisations understand that this deserves serious effort. It means painting a picture of what you want to achieve and how you want people to work and behave towards each other. In great companies, the good routines of communication and management are sewn into the fabric – they’re built into the infrastructure, and every manager knows what he or she needs to do to push the right buttons, to drive the right kind of performance, and deliver results on target.

We help organisations to build their vision for the future, to understand the values that underpin turning this into reality, and to turn this into a framework for managing performance and culture. You could call this a behavioral business plan.

This works for large, medium-sized and small organisations. As soon as an organisation grows beyond 20 or so people, it gets harder to make sure that people have the information and development they need to do a good job.

We also design and deliver competency-based assessment and development centres.

We also have particular expertise in helping managers to create a set of measures, eg. Balanced Scorecard, to support your business metrics and help them to be more meaningful and motivational for staff.

Because many of our Associates have a Human Resources background, we understand the wider context and how to achieve consistency in the messages given to your people through the various organisational processes such as performance management, communication, competencies, reward, induction, recruitment and development. We can help you to develop a comprehensive Human Resources Strategy.

Leadership and management development workshops will be a key feature in this kind of programme, as it is your leaders who will turn the plan into day-to-day reality.